What to do with leftover juice pulp


I love making fresh juice, but unfortunately, it ends up being a lot of residual waste. but it is possible to find use for this to. Like when your making carrot juice, you can use the residual waste in a carrot cake, or as the usual grated carrot. It is also perfect to put in pasta sauce.
Other Ideas:

* Blend pulp into a smoothie to add fiber.
* Add to a soup to thicken and boost fiber and nutrient density.
* Use fruit pulp to make frozen “popsicles” or fruit pulp ice.
* Make a veggie broth by boiling pulp with water, herbs, and spices, then straining.
* Make a “fruit tea” by boiling fruit pulp with water, adding spices such as cinnamon or ginger, cooling, and then straining.
* Use in homemade veggie burgers or fritters. Pulp adds moisture, flavor, and nutrition.
* Mix pulp into baked goods like cakes, bread, dehydrated or baked cookies, and granola bars. Celery, onion, carrot, sweet potato, spinach, apple, and berry all work beautifully.
* Use fruit or veggie pulp to add flavor, texture, and moisture to pancakes.
* Make pulp marmalade. * Mix pulp into your dog’s food or make dog treats.
If all else fails: * Feed it to your chickens, freeze it in ice cube trays to use later, or compost it.

For more ideas go to: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/blog/what-do-i-do-with-leftover-juice-pulp/

Electrical bicycle


10 reasons to choose electrical bicycle:

Steep slopes are no obstacle
You bicycle more (People with electrical bicycles, bicycles 70% more)
You won’t sweat
You can bring your kids (not heavy with full bike trailer)
It is fast and effective
No lines or looking for parking
Good for your health
Save money
Save the environment because you don’t need the car.
It’s fun!




Environmentally friendly cleaning

Most environmentally friendly of all: Microfiber and no detergents.
Microfiber dissolves fat – just like soap. With mikrofber cloths can therefore make do without detergents in many cases. Microfiber cloths can be purchased in most grocery stores.
Avoid fabric softener when washing microfiber cloths. They will be not be as good afterwards.
Be aware that some microfiber cloths can contain silver, which can be harmful to the environment. The cloths and mops are in this case is usually marked with it. Choose silver-free options.

Natural cosmetic products



I just bought shampoo and conditioner from Lush fresh handmade cosmetics after hearing about it from a friend, I love the Big sea salt shampoo, it si a vegan product, they don’t test anything on animals and are in fact fighting animal testing! The conditioner doesn’t make my hair feel as soft as what I’m used to when I apply it in my hair, but as the hair dries it feels really soft and clean and has a lot of volume as the Big series promise. If you don’t need volume Lush has a lot of products for different needs.
I wanted to try out lush because they are environmentally conscious, in their products and packaging, and do keep their Co2 to a minimum.
Here is more brands that make natural products:

English page:


– Grønnejenter tested Marina miracle and Greenspirit produkts both Norwegian compines, see what they wrote: http://gronnejenter.no/2014/11/04/gronne-jenter-tester-kosmetikk-ansiktsprodukter/