Noah -For animal rights arrange a torchlight procession against fur in Oslo and 25 other cities in Norway, on 12th of november. If you are near any of the cities, then I hope you will join us, and try help the animals in cages, so no one have to live a life which only purpos is to be killed for their skin. It makes me so sad and angry that we can cage a living animal and steal their freedom and not think twice about it.

I sincerely hope it will be the last time we need to demonstrate for this cause. I do not buy fur, I don’t need fur and all it does for me is make me think about the animal that had to die for you to wear that jacket. I will rekomend staying away for all types of fur also the fake ones.

For more information and to see which cities near you who are arranging the event go to: (norwegian page)

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