Noah -For animal rights arrange a torchlight procession against fur in Oslo and 25 other cities in Norway, on 12th of november. If you are near any of the cities, then I hope you will join us, and try help the animals in cages, so no one have to live a life which only purpos is to be killed for their skin. It makes me so sad and angry that we can cage a living animal and steal their freedom and not think twice about it.

I sincerely hope it will be the last time we need to demonstrate for this cause. I do not buy fur, I don’t need fur and all it does for me is make me think about the animal that had to die for you to wear that jacket. I will rekomend staying away for all types of fur also the fake ones.

For more information and to see which cities near you who are arranging the event go to: (norwegian page)

Earth Hour!


Today is the day! We are turning of the lights of at 8.30. It is the easiest thing you can do for the environment, and one of the cosiest! I will be making vegan food and my sister is coming over, we are going to sit in the candle light and enjoy this event together. Have an awesome saturday Earth Hour evening!!


Do a challenge


Challenge yourself to be more eco friendly for a week, choose one thing you don’t already do and do that every day. The most impactful you can do is to stop eating meat, or eat less, so learn new recipes, or take your bike to work all week. Or choose one of the many other things you can try. Maybe you learn something new, or save money, anyway it will be good for the environment and an experience.